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Many techies, human rights advocates and hacktivists use this technology, as it is possible to chat securely.

It is also possible to set up your own IRC server for added security.

If you paste the text directly in your IRC client, you're likely to get kicked or banned from the channel for flooding. A pastebin is a website which allows you to paste text and to show it to other people.

You're welcome to ask questions about Linux Mint or to seek help from others.

Like e-mail, other people's messages appear on your screen - but it happens in real time while you are connected to the Internet.

Therefore being able to type quickly is important and there are many IRC abbreviations or emoticons to speed up replies and discussion.

Think of it like an office building with many rooms.

In each room people are chatting about different subjects. The names in the right-hand column are people who are talking in the chat room.

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