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In fact they are quite the opposite and will feel very manly for most of us and be an understated symbol of status, style and personality.Bond wears a nice watch, so did Sinatra, and so should you – and many other men will judge you, perhaps rightly, by your watch.This allows you to colour coordinate and to pull off some more stylish accessorising.You can store multiple watches in a watch case and this makes a great display and collection that many of us will enjoy to show off.The Make and the Design There are many different watches to choose.Of course if you are wealthy you can afford a nice Rottary, Omega or Rolex watch although some will find these ostentatious and somewhat clichéd.Water resistant just means the watch can get splashed in the rain and not break – it will still get damaged if you actually fall in to the water.If it is waterproof it will be called a ‘divers’ watch’ and there will be indicated how deep you can take it without it breaking.

You might also want to coordinate the watch you choose to your other items and particularly the strap.

Instead then you might choose to go for something lesser known like a Rado, or for something quirky such as a PDA-Watch from Casio or a Tokyo Flash or Alien watch that has neither a clock face nor a digital display and that rather uses an LED code that you need to decipher meaning it looks like a futuristic and random pattern to anyone else.

You might decide you want something more colourful and characteristic however and go for a watch with a character or something you enjoy on the face, or you might choose one that’s more practical and appropriate for sports and activities.

The strap is another important consideration and you should look into the strap that comes with it and whether it’s the right colour and size and whether you like the clasp.

Most importantly you need to check whether the strap can be changed if you don’t like it – in some cases these are built into the design of the watch.

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