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A new ease, speed and accuracy should result in more drivers overcoming laziness to get their tires right. In a world where you need something like 32-35PSI, hopefully fewer people will be hammering around with 22PSI in one front tire and 19PSI in the other. Safety, security, accuracy, ease and longer tire life … The city, of course, because there are more options and more chances you'll find what you need.Keeping the idea of thick markets in mind, aren't small, niche sites inefficient?I’m betting focus groups of men and women 18-51, across all ethnicities with a median income of ,650 would agree with me on that. a stinker of an afternoon to be correcting tire pressures while a miserly air compressor forces you to run around your car like a blue-arsed fly. What are you doing to build up the one thing that’s vital to marketers – repeat business.At Sheetz you set the machine to the desired pressure, attach the hose and as they say in Australia, ‘Robert’s Your Relative’. But at Sheetz, with all four tires inflated to manufacturer specifications I get back into an air-conditioned car and think about one thing. Scroll all the way down and leave your comment in the box below.Assuming the algorithm of each site you visit is good at matching members, if you're given 10 matches from a site with 100 members and 10 from a site with 10,000, bigger is better.

This could take the form of a dater misrepresenting himself online, or an executive sugarcoating things to boost their stock prices. Executives can't stretch the truth beyond belief, just like you can't say you're 29 and show up as a 50-year-old.

Where parties' interests aren't completely aligned, we expect some people will misrepresent the truth.

A large portion of lying on dating sites is a rational response to try to improve the number of responses a profile gets.

If you choose to be a specialist dater, you should know that these targeted sites are more viable options in densely populated areas, where there are a larger number of people with special interests in the region and there are enough people to provide an appropriately thick market.

In your book, you explain that dishonesty in an online profile makes economic sense. Economists think of lying as a rational thing to increase utility, or happiness.

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