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Then, Rachel has a retaliatory hook-up with Puck (Mark Salling), leading Finn to break his promise to never end things with Rachel. )Finn starts hooking up with Quinn again, but he just can’t shake his feelings for Rachel.

And so, after their oh-so-cute New York date (in which Patti Lu Pone gives her approval), Finn puckers up and kisses Rachel for all to see onstage at Nationals.

If I did Finchel would be Season One news, and we'd have beautiful Puckleberry Fuinn..lots of Pezberry duets!

And Tina would get a song, and maybe even a storyline.

Okay, so in the future, Finn may want to work on his timing, as the judges didn’t seem too impressed, but this was still a squeal-worthy gesture, if you ask us.

Season 3 has yet to see any troubling signs, with the two of them finally doing the deed (Season 3, Episode 5: “The First Time”).

"Um..did you and Puck go to Breadstix and since when are you calling him Noah again?

""Finn, I've always called him Noah, unless I'm annoyed with him.

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We suppose we’ll just have to wait until January 31’s “Michael” before we hear Rachel’s final answer. ), but it’s not until the “Run, Joey, Run” debacle that Rachel and Jessie start to fall apart.And when the guy you’re competing with decides to throw eggs at the girl you’re both fighting for — you tend to look pretty good by comparison.Sorry, you're usually up by now," Finn said confused.He never knew Rachel to miss her morning routine that started at 6am everyday."I had a late night.

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