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A draft memorandum of August 10 discussed evacuation issues. [T]here may be as many as 10,000 who can lay claim to American citizenship.

It reads in part (handwritten changes and inserts are in brackets): Since the last plan for the evacuation of American citizens in the event of hostilities was drawn up, political developments have forced the Embassy to make definite arrangements in the event of war between Germany and Poland. As the reports of the Consulate General show, it is almost impossible to estimate the number of American citizens residing in Poland. Most of these, however, it is believed, have no intention of leaving Poland and consider themselves Polish citizens.

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Other interests include Disney, Sports, 80’s Nostalgia, LEGO, Star Wars and Tech Gadgets.

Today’s post was written by David Langbart, an Archivist in the Textual Records Division at the National Archives at College Park. In 1944, he resigned from his diplomatic position and went on active duty in the U. While much of this documentation is duplicated in the central files of the Department of State, there is some unique material present. Since there was a distinct possibility that evacuees from Poland could end up in Black Sea ports, on August 14, Third Secretary of Embassy C.

In an effort to plan ahead, in late July Biddle sent representatives from the embassy to the city of Brzesc to determine if that place could be used as a concentration point for American citizens if hostilities broke out. Such a place was found about 10 kilometers from Brzesc which is on the main railway line connecting Warsaw with Moscow and is a junction of railways from the north, south, and east of Poland . The glitzy Venice film festival opens on Wednesday with fury over the inclusion of controversial directors Roman Polanski and Nate Parker adding to criticism about a lack of women directors in the running for its top prize.Italy's Giuseppe Conte acknowledged it was a "very delicate phase" for the country as he agreed to lead a new coalition government.At the end of the date, the couples are interviewed together and asked whether they would like to see each other again.The restaurant is closed to the public while filming takes place.

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