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A slight tilt of the head, an inviting smile or a gentle pout – all these things are very attractive as long as you focus them at the camera! Old pictures One of the most common mistakes that people make is using out-of-date photos. After all, you wouldn’t like to be surprised by meeting someone who looks completely different from what you thought either – unless you were expecting a Danny De Vito and got a Ryan Gosling instead! Poor quality photos This might seem obvious but a reminder never hurts: don’t use blurry or dark photos or picture files that are too small.

You can improve the exposure, get rid of that stray hair or remove the stain on your t-shirt. It will be obvious if you use Photoshop too much and potential dates may think you are untrustworthy. Cut out your ex Don’t cut other people out of your pictures.Today’s world is visual and people want a stimulating experience.So do everyone a favour and put some effort into your photos.To get you started, our friends at Pep Shot have prepared a list of things that you absolutely should NOT do.1.Flirting away from the camera The least attractive thing to do in your profile pics is to flirt away from the camera.

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