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kings surmounted with Maltese crosses, queens with feather finials, bishops with open mitres, knights as carved horses' heads with flared nostrils and flowing manes, rooks as castle towers with battlements, pawns with reeded ball finials King: 8.5cm high Pawn: 3cm high Stock Reference: VS 1470 Important Notice on the Export of Antique Elephant Ivory (CITES) Please note that as the chess set Two Mysore hexagonal end tables inlaid with swags and tendrils of fine inlaid ivory, the tops with ivory chess boards.

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Despite its uncertain origins, chess is one of the oldest and most played games in human history, dating back some 1500 years.

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The Lewis Chessmen - King by Brian Nash Painting 36.0 x 36.0 :: The Lewis chessman are a group of chess pieces hand carved from walrus ivory.

They were carved in the 12th century and are house in the British Museum.

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