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J »_ 1 levees of popes, or receiving their forfeited crowns from [ 29 ] from his hands. The intrigues of churchmen will once more engage the -attention of all : prleds will found the clarion, and fummon the nations to croifades : prieds will lead armies under the banner of the crofs to exteri TJnate heretics, and mailacre whole nations : and Europe once more will fee her em- perors and her kings in the habiliments of penitents, foliciting' foreivenefs of their political fins at the V.

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If the civil branch in the mixed adminiftration orevail, it drag's the church after its triumphal chariot, and degrades her to the humble flate of an hand-maid to princely ambition.Man behver inte vara trdsmal fr att hitta sin soulmate. Ska han eller hon vara en kresta, en engngsaffr, sexparner eller bara en god vn. Netdate eller netdating, vad man n vill kalla det, (krt barn har mnga namn), kan vara en djungel att hitta i med det stora utbud som finns p ntet. Som single kan du ju sjlv bestmmavem du vill hitta eller dejta. He was led into a train of fentiments v»diich pleafed him- felf : — he committed his thoughts to writing — and, upon a fixteen-years review, he flat- ters himfelf, that they are not altogether unworthy the attention of thofe, who, in different denominations, intereft themfelves in the profperity of thofe facred focieties. A Controverfy, agitated fome years ago, concerning fublcription to certain articles, gave occafion to the writer to turn his thoughts to the nature and effential charac- ters of chriftian churches.

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