Divorce dating effects children

Source: For younger children, it may be difficult to accept the permanency of a divorce.

The child may still believe, despite what his parents tell him, that his parents will get back together someday.

For instance, someone suffering from long-term depression and loneliness is more likely to contract - and less likely to recover as well from - diseases like cancer and heart disease.

A Lack Of Understanding No matter how many times and ways in which parents explain their divorce to their children, the children may still not ever truly understand why their parents got divorced, even well into adulthood.

Another reason for this kind of downward spiral is that some households drop down to one income when parents get divorced, which puts the children in that household at a risk of living in poverty that is five times higher than that of children who live with both parents.

This is often because their parents are so focused on finding happiness and normalcy again that they don't pay as much attention to what their children need. Another thing that is often misunderstood is children of divorce resort to rebellious behavior.

As a result, the children feel abandoned and confused. Yes, they are finding ways of coping with their pain, and they may even be trying to punish their parents, but it is also an attempt to regain control of a life that they feel is spiraling out of control.

For this reason, it can do more harm than good to participate in activities together after you have already split up.

For instance, instead of splitting up time with the child on holiday, some parents will get together for the day so that they can both spend time with the child.

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