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Actors who play characters that are meant to be siblings, but fall for each other in real life – it happens more often than you might think .These are the actors who play siblings but were dating behind the scenes…In this show, Lauren stars alongside her on-screen brother, Peter Krause.Although they were working together as brother and sister, they just couldn’t deny their off-screen chemistry.Katherine Heigl is the kind of woman that can melt even the coldest of hearts, and there’s just something about her that screams romance.However, it’s fair to say that she took on a brand new role in 1999 in the science-fiction TV show Roswell, in which she starred alongside Jason Behr, playing brother and sister.This is because they played step-brother and step-sister on the drama show, Lost.Their odd on-screen relationship must have carried over off the screen, as they ultimately only dated for a few months.

As a brother-and-sister figure skating duo, their relationship was a little… This was mostly because they were a little too close, as proven by their passionate kiss at the end of the movie.

They have now been dating since 2010 and have become one of the most-loved couples in comedy television.

Let’s be honest; we just can’t get enough of shows and movies about witches and wizards.

Ian Somerhalder has slowly but surely become one of the most eligible bachelors in Hollywood, but he has often been snapped up by some equally desirable actresses.

Although fans have always been supportive of his relationships – if a little jealous – they were a little taken aback when he started dating Maggie Grace.

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