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The inland, Bosnia, is a geographically larger region and has a moderate continental climate, with hot summers and cold and snowy winters.The southern tip, Herzegovina, has a Mediterranean climate and plain topography.Happy Escorts is Europe's Biggest Escorts Search Engine - 34.489 escorts from 1.026 cities in 41 countries welcome you in 38 languages!Sharecare, Bastardo Di Razza, Amblin, Tanja Winter, Dnevna Doza Kamiona, Buregdžinica Ahmo, Narodni portal, Recepti, Lijek Prirode, Pi.This was followed by annexation into the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, which lasted up until World War I.In the interwar period, Bosnia and Herzegovina was part of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia and after World War II, it was granted full republic status in the newly formed Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.It is a member of the UN, OSCE, Council of Europe, Pf P, CEFTA, and a founding member of the Union for the Mediterranean upon its establishment in July 2008.

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Culturally, politically, and socially, the country has a rich history, having been first settled by the Slavic peoples that populate the area today from the 6th through to the 9th centuries.

Bosniaks are the largest group of the three, with Serbs second, and Croats third.

A native of Bosnia and Herzegovina, regardless of ethnicity, is usually identified in English as a Bosnian.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is regionally and internationally renowned for its natural environment and cultural heritage inherited from six historical civilizations, its cuisine, winter sports, its eclectic and unique music, architecture, and its festivals, some of which are the largest and most prominent of their kind in Southeastern Europe.

The country is home to three main ethnic groups or, officially, constituent peoples, as specified in the constitution.

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