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One time may not be enough and if it continues, their license can be revoked, or worse.Be bold and speak up about reckless dating behaviors; you could be saving a life.Which is more dangerous: uneducated driving or uneducated dating?When you personally experience someone’s reckless driving behaviors, do you speak up?

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The love addict (who desires intimate contact) and a love avoidant (who fears & evades intimate contact), together in a romantic relationship are like oil and water- they will not mix well! as both repel one another, and cannot create a healthy and unified attachment.When we teach them to drive, we sit right there next to them and teach them how to drive safely and responsibly.It doesn’t matter what your car looks like, your economic status, your years of experience, your race or religion – EVERYONE is required to drive safely.It said scammers 'lower their target's defences' by building an online relationship, then asking for sums of money.It urged people not to give away too much personal detail online such as full name, date of birth and address.

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