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)2) Sentences to totally avoid when flirting in French!

(Ah love, the beautiful one, the real one, the true one! Not only will you impress your loved one, you will also make his/her heart melt and you will, therefore, become irresistible ! Telling your partner romantic French phrases will add some originality and spice to your relationship! Well, let me tell you: you cannot fully immerse yourself in French without knowing some romantic French words. Learn them, build your confidence up and go and seduce that lovely person you cannot stop thinking about! Offering someone a drink is a great way to start a conversation! It’s now time to move onto more serious matters and to become romantic. Maybe not for the first date, but this is also a great choice if your lover has children - you’ll win his/her adoration for inviting them along!go for a long walk Need to talk about serious stuff, or just want to relax with your date? Tu es très belle (female) - You are very beautiful. - I want to make love to you.4) Romantic questions in French You my also want to ask questions to the love of your life. French romantic questions Translation M’apprécies-tu?

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