Dating omani men

Elena talked about communicating through eye contact.

“There is this game gay people play with their eyes – they know what is happening between them and it’s a quiet nod of acknowledgement.

After all, you hear horror stories coming out of countries like Saudi Arabia.” But she did some research that put her at ease.

“I was told by several people who had been here and I did my own research on the Internet and found out that life wasn’t that hard for people of different sexual orientations in Oman.”This paints a picture of a country very different from the one known to most of the world.

If I date expatriates, it eliminates that risk.”Haitham is not the only one to be worried about his sexuality and the repercussions of people finding out about his sexual preference.

This happens the world over and you see it just as often here in Oman as well, even if the women are covered.” Jason and Haitham’s desire for discretion can be understood because to risk upsetting the sex-ual status quo in this country can often lead to serious legal and social ramifications.

Same-sex relations are forbidden by Article 223 of the Omani Penal Code of 1974 and transgressions enough to constitute a ‘public nuisance’ can result in a prison term anywhere from six months to three years.

But that chance encounter helped me eventually recognise who I was.”Elena, an expatriate feels Oman is very different from any other country in the Middle East.

“And this has a lot to do with the tolerance that this country shows in comparison with countries like Saudi Arabia or even the UAE,” she explained.

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