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Not every console venture can be a success, and I thought it was important for this list not to merely parade a string of winners but to point out significant attempts and stumbles as well.A spin-off of CCP’s in 2010 was an unmitigated disaster across on the PC — so much so that the Play Station 3 version was infinitely delayed.In the first five weeks alone on the console, the game racked up an astounding 1.6 million players.The console version continues to lag behind the PC edition in its module rollout, but chances are that it continues to be more popular on consoles than computers is quite probable (Cryptic refused to comment directly on this when asked in a recent MOP interview, saying only that the two populations were made up of very different demographics).By summer 2015, the game had accumulated five million accounts globally.Yes, I know that status as a quasi-MMO at best might disqualify it from this list in the eyes of some of you, but hear me out.

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With time, a business model shift, and continued development, has addressed some of its problematic areas while bolstering the game with innovative features, making it a safe bet for those looking for an MMORPG on the Xbox One or Play Station 4.

Currently the title is just days away from shutting down its console service on March 31st, although the PC edition will endure in maintenance mode.

A mobile version of the game is reportedly in development as well. SOE’s vivacious kid-friendly was the studio’s attempt to create a title for the entire family and enjoyed positive reviews and a modest community.

It reached 10 million accounts by its first birthday and made the jump to the Play Station 3 in 2011.

Unfortunately, apparently failed to bring in the revenue that SOE had hoped for, with John Smedley commenting that “kids don’t spend well” and that it was incredibly hard to run a game for that age.

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