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Now that the initial development of the site is completed new articles are added, on a fairly regular basis and flagged on this page; but this is subject to the availability of suitable material and time.

Of course, the fact that the text is not initially a completed work may, at times, seem to interfere with the continuity of the piece.

on the Broads, which is illustrated by old and very old postcards from my, ever growing, collection.

Broadland is a very-very special place and you don't have to be a native or to live there to fall in love with the place.

Previous visitors may notice that in 2014 some of these latter articles have been moved off the site.

That is in preparation for another project, and the emphasis on those pages is now a little bit more 'postcard collector' orientated, as my interests, in that respect, have developed. It is sometimes necessary to scroll down a little after the new page has fully loaded) Naturally I have made every effort to ensure that my facts are correct and if I cannot be certain I try to make that clear within my text.

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In a similar way: The discussions are lead by the content of the postcards themselves; which does mean that you will find instances where they appear in sections other than their actual locations.I will of course comply with any such legitimate request.In view of the growing trend to 'share' images from the internet, as encouraged by Facebook et al, I have recently felt the need to watermark some of my more precious postcard scans.Naturally there are issues of copyright to be considered when using postcards for illustration and this also applies to the scans I have included; from the holiday firms' catalogues, to help better describe the boats encountered by the photographers.I have contacted all the publishers concerned (where that was possible) for their permission to do this and am delighted to say that they have all responded in a most positive, friendly and interested manner.

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