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I had asked students how they would define “fetish” and many of them connected this term to sexual pleasure, objectification, and not having certain boundaries around misusing power.

When I read to them what defined as a fetish, “attribution of erotic or sexual significance to some nonsexual inanimate object or to a nongenital body part, object recognized for its alleged magical powers.

Luckily all of the students present had chosen my workshop.

We had a good conversation about identities, historical implications and outcomes, and how to heal and create support systems.

What are important conversations to have with your partner, family, friends, and with yourself?

But there are a few problems with this idea that women have to be aware of.

I wrote: This workshop will center on the challenges, successes, and experiences of intercultural dating (not just interracial dating! Conversations about preference (is it a preference or is it a fetish?

), racism (can you date a person of a different cultural background and still be racist?

This assumption, and the possibility, did make me a bit uncomfortable and I thought about how as the facilitator, I was going to insert that discomfort as part of the discussion.

However, I was surprised to see my room fill with students of Color.

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