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Smith Wesson 40 cal Sigma A powerful and economical pistol. Smith & Wesson Gun History History of Smith & Wesson.Once you locate the serial number, then you are able to do some research and find out a little history on your gun.Below you will find some visual examples of where to look for the serial number on your S&W handgun.

If you own a Smith and Wesson handgun, you might be interested in finding out some more information on your particular gun.They will charge you for this service ( at the time this was written) and it is probably only worthwhile for older collectible guns which have no serial numbers.If you can find the serial number, then you are better off just trying to call S&W customer service first.Enter the serial number (no spaces) of your firearm and click on “Search” to identify your model.Please note that specific information may not be available, especially on older models.

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