Dating fender pro reverb

Fender’s reinvention of their amp range also resulted in a number of significant changes to the circuitry, most, if not all, of which are regarded by players as having been detrimental to the performance of the amps.

Many models also received an aluminium trim around the speaker baffle to complete the ‘silver’ overhaul, although this element was soon dropped (you won’t find any of these dating beyond 1969).

The ‘68 Custom series is made in Mexico (the ‘65 reissues are USA–made), but I can see nothing in the build quality that makes this one in any way the worse for it.

The baffle is period–correct, in that it is screwed in via battens rather than being an integral part of the cabinet, as in later ‘70s versions.

The amps of the new cosmetic era eventually came to be referred to as ‘silverface’ models, to differentiate them from blackfaces, but the amps of late ’67 and ‘68 and early ’69 make up a unique sub–set known as the ‘drip–edge’ models.

The name is derived from the profile of the aluminium angle used to trim the baffle, which looks like roof flashing used to keep rain water away from walls.

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