Dating dentist dating group idea

We work in situations where our knowledge and skills are in constant sharpening mode.We think fast in order to come up with the best treatment plans for our patients.My dentist is a protective man, yelling at the hygienist when there wasn’t enough suction and I choked on my own spit. We laughed about his musical choices to accompany his work- smiling over those bands that we agreed on and rolling our eyes in regards to those that seemed blasts from the past. ” I said in mumbled chuckles through the cotton swabs. He wiped up my drool for me with a soft swipe of his hand on my cheek and he ignored when I missed the spit cup. His firm handshake and sexy voice only made my attraction to him stronger. And the inability to see an indention of a wedding band through his glove was such a tease. My charm must have distracted him for doing his best work. I am dating a dentist myself, though no other professional else would make sense since I am a dentist too.I first met my dentist one early Tuesday morning when I was diagnosed with a cavity.

Some of the richest people in the world are dentists who are doing very very well for themselves and their family.A dentist deals with different kinds of patients every day: from the super rich to the extremely poor. Dentists know how to respect a person irrespective of his/her societal status. In fact, you will feel so proud to have a partner who behaves well and treats everybody equally. Well, that completes my 10 points on why should you have a dentist as a lover? So to recap all the points: Hi Docs, How You all Doing … Money is not everything, but yet again its good to know that dentists can make decent money.And with hard work, they have the chance to reap millions.

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