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We then help them measure the success of the actions they take on their individual journeys. With Uni Forum, you join a cohort of similarly positioned institutions pursuing a carefully directed, multi-year program of information sharing, performance analysis and best practice sharing to enable your institution to deliver operational improvement.

Our success can be measured through our extensive base of loyal clients, many of whom have been involved in our program since its inception in 2009, through the transformative changes many members have had the confidence to embark on, through the widespread adoption of Cubane’s strategic spend management framework into their planning processes and through the sustained benefits members have delivered in support of their teaching and research missions. Uni Forum enables continuous improvement in university administration.

Tidy your home: Certified Kon Mari Consultants must practice what they teach.

Submit after photos of your tidied home for verification. Attend a Consultant Certification Course: Registering for and attending a Consultant Certification Course are the first big steps toward certification.

All other sessions will be led by certified Kon Mari Consultants who have been selected and trained by Kon Mari Media, Inc. Following the Consultant Certification Course, trainees should plan to move forward with the next steps of their certification process within six months.

This includes finding a practice client and conducting at least one session.

Thank you for your interest; we look forward to hearing from you.Marie has decades of tidying experience, and upholding her work is critical to the program’s success.We also teach candidates what it’s like working with clients.Our Consultant Certification Courses include a mix of lectures, group discussions and Q&A sessions, ensuring that attendees feel adequately prepared for the next step of the certification process.Upon completion, you will then be able to advance to steps 4-7.

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