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S., both probably intended to arm allies while hiding their source of supplies.

Sometimes the headstamp only indicates the maker of the cartridge case, or distributor of the loaded cartridge, or the using activity, not the actual "manufacturer" of a loaded cartridge.

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Sometimes the caliber information is either spelled out or abbreviated (30-06; 38 SPL, etc.) and other times, such as on German made DWM ammunition, a catalog number code is used for the caliber.

Sometimes information on the headstamp indicates the type of load (VII Z on .303 British indicates Mark VII ball ammunition loaded with nitrocellulose powder.) Sometimes markings are deliberately deceiving, as with .30 carbine ammunition ammunition marked LC 52, made by the Chinese, or .30-06 marked B N 4 40 made in the U.

*Note 1- Headstamps often contain multiple pieces of information. Military ammunition usually includes date information, and civilian ammunition often has caliber information.

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Cartridges intended for sporting or civilian use usually have two elements; one identifies the specific chambering, the other identifies the manufacturer.

Elbe 10, Germany---from box label Öberschlesische Werke A.-G.)ofors Carl Gustaf AB, (Formerly FFV Förenede Fabriksverken), Vanäsverken, Karlsborg, Sweden (and since 1998, NAMMO Vanäsverken. (contract for Taiwan-NPA=National Police Administration) Cases made by Pretoria Metal Pressings Ltd., Pretoria, Republic of South Africa Eldorado Cartridge Corporation (previously Patton and Morgan Corp., and Pan Metal Corp. The PMC headstamped ammunition for ECC has been made in Korea, the Philippines, Mexico and the Repuclic of South Africa.

Carl Gustaf name is no longer used, but "CG will continue to be used as a headstamp)New Generation Ammunition Pty Ltd, Box 9207, Hennopsmeer 0046 R. The following headstamps have been reported to exist, but it is strongly suspected they do not occur on small arms ammunition.

Cartridge identification is important to anyone who works with ammunition cartridges, whether it's reloading or collecting.

While it isn't foolproof, often the easiest way to identify a cartridge is to look at the headstamp, if there is one, because in many instances that will tell you exactly what it is.

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