Dating actress jealous

However, if he truly did leave Gwyneth for Alexa – and now she’s all loved up with Alexander Skarsgard (or as some would say, the superior much better looking version of Chris Martin) – then where does that leave him? To be fair, we don’t know that Chris Martin is actually single.Last we heard, he was dating actress Annabelle Wallis, and the two were getting papped all over the place.Liam famously dated Miley Cyrus for several years, and then famously dumped her when she started getting a little too weird for him. Maika is sweet and down to earth, and has a zero drama personality, something Liam was attracted to instantly.Since then, Liam has been rumored to be dating several different actresses, but nothing has been that serious – until now! Magazine, Liam and Maika have been all over each other on the set of Independence Day 2. Liam thinks Maika is the coolest girl he has ever met.” Of course, according to OK!

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Chris doesn’t seem all that happy with Gwyneth Paltrow flaunting her new (and steady) romance with Brad Falchuk all over social media, but she’s the mother of his children – he has to be fine with it (even if he’s not).

“And while it’s obviously very innocent, it’s certainly had tongues wagging.

They just seem so comfortable around one another, so relaxed.” Now, Gossip Cop checked out the facts stated in the article and deduced in the end that it was a phony story.

Jen is not jealous of Brad’s close friendship with Margot Robbie if they are indeed that close.

Besides, there is no reason for Jen to be upset as she and Brad never reconciled.

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