Dating actors

Chris Pratt and Emily Van Camp met in 2004 on the set of the drama show Everwood, and hit it off immediately.We’re not sure how anyone could not love Chris Pratt, but it seems as though Emily loved him more than the rest of us – even though she was technically starring as his sister.If you’re a fan of TV drama shows, you’ll know that Beverly Hills, 90210 was kind of a big deal.Although the modern adaptation was hugely popular, nothing could compare with the epic ‘90s teen drama and the awesome cast.From this show, Barry Williams and Maureen Mc Cormick got their claim to fame, and it seems they also left with a little somethin’ somethin’ extra.

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This is one vampire couple we could definitely ship.

If you’ve seen Blades of Glory, you’ll know that Amy Poehler and Will Arnett played some pretty hilarious (and odd) characters.

As a brother-and-sister figure skating duo, their relationship was a little… This was mostly because they were a little too close, as proven by their passionate kiss at the end of the movie.

As if that wasn’t romantic enough, the pair got engaged after the film was released, but their whirlwind romance came to a close when they were both involved in an accident while on vacation.

If you’re a fan of gory crime shows, then there’s a high chance you’re pretty darn obsessed with Dexter. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter play brother and sister, but it seems as though all of those hours on set helped these two actors get closer and closer.

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