Damian and lindsay glee project dating

Mark tells them it's time to get "sexy and seductive" and Puck fans all over the country swoon.The contenders stay upright though and belt out 'Like A Virgin', which makes Mark's eyes widen quite spectacularly. Hannah's thrilled when Mark says he was mostly watching her, but Samuel wins this one for being "equal opportunity sexy" (basically, he didn't discriminate between the boys and the girls). Then Mark reveals that the video shoot will be Katy Perry's 'Teenage Dream', while Robert explains that they'll all be paired up.The mentors agree that Lindsay is a great actress, but Nikki admits that she doesn't have a particularly versatile voice, adding that it's hard to get rid of her musical theatre slant.This is accompanied by a rather scary snipping motion. At the end of their shoot, Lindsay and Damian kiss - causing much jealousy from Hannah.The only thing is that he needs to see a different side to Alex from the whole diva thing. The only problem is that it's not exactly Alex's fault - you can be nothing but a diva if you're given 'I Will Survive' to sing. He sings 'Blackbird' beautifully but it's almost irrelevant - Ryan immediately wants to talk about his difficulties with the sexuality week.He explains that he's impressed with Cameron's convictions, but it could cause real problems if Cameron's character on before and known what it entails.

As they prepare, Alex admits that he's tired from being in the bottom three so often, and Damian says that "mentally [he's] beginning to shrivel".

Sure enough, when Cameron and Hannah go to film their 'flirty food fight', Erik asks Cameron to kiss his partner. Robert tells the group that they were all great, so really it was a matter of picking their top three.

Hannah's the first to be told that she is safe, followed by Samuel.

I want to see your ID." Lindsay and Damian are next, with Lindsay making the slightly terrifying promise that they will be making "some serious heat" to make up for her studio struggles.

The only problem is that Damian isn't doing too well with the choreography, forcing Zach to question whether he can be a leading man.

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