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Connection, o Rs As Recordset Set o Conn = New adodb. Open DSN On Error Go To handler Set o Rs = New Recordset o Rs. Open Query, o Conn, ad Open Static, ad Lock Read Only Set o Rs. Close Set o Conn = Nothing Set Get Recordset = o Rs On Error Go To 0 Exit Function handler: Set o Rs = Nothing Set o Conn = Nothing On Error Go To 0 End Function I works for simple recordsets, but not with multiple recordsets... I get server-side cursor by commenting out the following lines 'o Rs.

The Recordset object is an essential component in Access development, but it often trips up even experienced developers.

I get this message when trying to post anything: ADODB. We downloaded the forum & I would think it would work?

Recordset error '800a0cb3' Current Recordset does not support updating. I scanned for locktype in the source code, but came up blank -Corey Do you wonder if your IT business is truly profitable or if you should raise your prices? Just posting messages / private messages do not work.

Subject: Current provider does not support returning multiple recordsets from a single execution Date: Wed, -0800 Newsgroups: microsoft.Error: Current provider does not support returning multiple recordsets from a single execution I put the following code in a VB object and called from ASP. I was able to get it to work by using a server-side cursor, but cleanup of connection is and lengthy UIs with server-side cursors burden the database.

Public Function Get Recordset(Query As String) As Recordset Dim o Conn As adodb. I was inquiring how to configure ADO to put all recordsets from a multiple recordset query into a client-side cursor so I can disconnect from the database before I draw by UI.

Dim MYSQL Dim rs1 set conn1 = server.createobject("adodb.connection") conn1"provider = oledb.12.0;data source = C:\Users\nam2611\Documents\My Web Sites\Web Site1\Database3.accdb" set rs1 = server.createobject("ADODB. Fields("C_adress_1") = Request.form("adress1") rs1. Fields("C_adress_2") = Request.form("adress2") rs1. Fields("C_post_code") = Request.form("Postcode") rs1.

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Using any move method will generate an error if the Recordset object is empty.To avoid this type of error, give priority to the library that your code references the most.In the Visual Basic Editor, choose References from the Tools menu, highlight the main library, and click the up button to position it above the other object library. Fields("Start_date") = str Post Date Time 'Update the database with the new topic details .Cursor Type = 2 'Set the Lock Type for the records so that the record set is only locked when it is updated . This is that Webwiz forum & i ahve tried over there but support for it is just not all that great -Corey can u post the All db Operation Code .. check that ur getting data from a table or a View ? Try to open The Recordset with " select * from bla bla" Melih SARICA Problem is not with Update its with the Add new I changed to it: str SQL = "select *" & str Db Table & "Topic.* FROM " & str Db Table & "Topic " But I do not think that is correct.

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