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Enter the Mid, a two-tiered dance club that books top-tier DJ sets and hosts local parties three nights a week.

Reserve a table and celebrate a special occasion with bottle service, or just show up after you’re done with dinner to dance with friends and strangers on the floor.

For instance, The bar is the best place to pick up your favorite girl you look if a girl likes you she would probably come next to you.

And she would be pretending that she didn't even see you, and she just wants to get a drink ,but believe it or not she is there for you women give sign but we are dumb in interpretation. Once she is by your side You just initiate any random conversation, if you are shy try this strategy Count 1 2 3 and talk randomly to her without any hesitation give her a compliment or ask here any dumb question make her laugh she knew you are there for her and see what will happen.

While some of the city’s most legendary clubs have been turned into restaurants, there are still plenty of places to hear dance music in Chicago (we even have entire summer music festivals devoted to electronic acts and DJs).

If you’re looking for a place to cut loose, enjoy some bottle service and show off your moves, get in line at the best nightclubs and dance clubs in Chicago.

But have no fear - Skiddle is awash with dating events taking place in the big smoke, as more and more people aim to combat the fact that it can be tricky to connect with new people in such a hectic city.

Before you flirt with girls there are some rules you have to deeply understand.

The nightclub is not meant to talk so much it's all about the physical interaction.

You still have places to have a deep conversation and flirt.

Whether you’re listening to cutting-edge DJs or dusty old records, Smart Bar’s cozy confines and European sound system make it an ideal place to lose yourself to dance.

Fulton Market may be best known for its thriving dining scene and Google headquarters, but all of those people need somewhere to go pop bottles and blow off some steam.

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