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He does talk about controversial issues and has a difference of opinions with his fellow journalists, but he has not landed himself in any major controversies till now. His hair is brown with a regressing hairline and his eyes are blue. Brian is active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. His career began with The Tower Light where he worked as an editor-in-chief.

Brian is an owner of million dollar net worth which he had made by his work in the field of journalism for many years of work.

We used #rstats to help analyze every single false claim President Trump made over the last six weeks for @CNN.

The extraordinary Trump tracker ⁦@ddale8⁩ led the way with team ⁦@tarasubramaniam⁩ and ⁦@jestraley⁩. How @real Donald Trump's signature initiative to help poor communities is fueling a once-in-a-generation bonanza for the wealthiest Americans — including Trump's family and advisers. On Sunday's "Reliable Sources," watch @The Atlantic's EIC @Jeffrey Goldberg on the significance -- and subtext -- of his interview with former Defense Secretary James Mattis. W9Exiu Td How did @Jeffrey Goldberg try to glean new information from the famously coy James Mattis?

He later worked as an editor, columnist and Pulitzer Prize-winning @nytimes correspondent. Breaking: 5 dead, 21 injured following West Texas shooting.

Gelb was 30 years old when in 1967 he took charge of the team that compiled the secret Pentagon Papers.

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