Bret michaels still dating teya

All members are encouraged to read the complete guidelines. This time I caught part of the "vows" and it seemed he had a very false looking blonde wig covering the top of his head "behind" the full forehead bandana. To me, she's the only sane one left, which means she won't last much longer. I am now watching for one reason: to see the moment when Ashley and Farrah get tossed off the bus, preferably in a single catty, clawing package. He had some director or producer say "yeah we got them dresses and some jewelry". The only thing those two seem to have going for them is their boob jobs.

As entertainment critic Roger Ebert once said, "If you disagree with something I write, tell me so, argue with me, correct me--but don't tell me to shut up. It had that glossy look of my old Barbie dolls; hair, literally. I'm eagerly awaiting the moment where Brett turns into a beeyotch next week. Bret can stick his tongue down any or all of the remaining girls' throats, but Beverly gets called out for a lack of respect for a quick kiss with the drummer? And to have each one's elimination be the other's fault. When he said he was attracted to Ashley, I realized there was a good chance that up until that moment, he'd never had a conversation with her that lasted for more than thirty seconds. Love love love the fact that as soon as these girls get kicked to the curb they immediately declare how "lame" Bret is or what an old man he is etc... The guy you kept going on about being the one, who've you made a "connection" with. Only one member of the Blondtourage left, and she isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

Ashley certainly seemed to believe no one would ever see her confessionals: maybe they forgot to fill her in on the whole deliberate humiliation angle too. Where I was quick to Beverly as the front runner fan favorite of normal, each week reveals just how crazy she really is. Her hissy fit over the ex not showing was a classic example. Still having a hard time picturing her as someone's mom. Definitely shows that Bret isn't really looking for someone compatible. Admitted to Big John that she was still living with her ex-boyfriend -- which was really the tip of a very large ex-sized iceberg: he came with the intent of dragging her back.

Blaming it all on his current girlfriend not letting him. Now he is left with: Beverly--umm, she is super looney. Taya--rivals Megan for the "obvious lack of interest in Bret" award. This woman has received next to no camera time and has shown little personality. I can't believe someone in the final four has received such minimal development. And frankly, they're such mutual charmers, they're just about a perfect match.

I wonder though if it's how the girls present the drama. Just last episode, Bret was saying that he feels really comfortable talking with her and yadda, yadda, yadda... I hope Heather gets at least one good punch in on Brittania's pierced face!

(The kid learned early.)What would really be entertaining in that 'I wonder who'll fire the first bullet?

' way would be if Farrah turned out to have been Ashley's brakes.

When I said, "It's between 'I Love Money' and 'Rock of Love'," I thought my dad was gonna disown me and my husband was going to die of embarassment! Wow, it looks like our boy Bret might actually be thinking with the right head this time? Last night, Wikipedia was showing what was either an insider information chart (badly done) or someone's best guess at the future.

Of course, this was BEFORE the days of Tool Academy... Either way, whoever put it together thought Mindy had moved to the shotgun position -- but the chart is back to normal now.

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