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MORE: NEWLYWEDS ASK FOR TOP UP ON £100 GIFT ‘I was a bit taken back as we have very minimal contact’ explained the aunt, adding that her sister-in-law sent a tenner in a birthday card for her own kids’ celebrations.

‘I didn’t reply because I couldn’t believe how cheeky she was’ added the woman, saying that the point of buying presents ‘is to pick something out you think they would like’.

' I said: 'I'd like to win but I want to enjoy it more than I'd like to win.' Don't miss out: Strictly contestant injured in training "For me, that's what I'm here for.

The etiquette of receiving gifts should be simple - say thanks very much for whatever you get, basically.

However, one woman was shocked recently, when her sister-in-law demanded that she choose from a gift list when it came to picking a birthday present for her young niece.

All of which must've left the Red Dwarf legend feeling a bit awkward on the set of the show.

And he admitted that he wasted no time in apologising.

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