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Terry returned to Weatherfield earlier this year and has been causing mayhem ever since.

He has a troubled relationship with Tommy after he snatched the lad from his own parents, Jack and Vera Duckworth, in 1993 in order to sell the tot to his maternal grandparents.

Sunita and her husband Dev Alahan (Jimmi Harkishin) return and are shocked and embarrassed by her aunts' behaviour.

Matt begins dating Tina Mc Intyre (Michelle Keegan), much to the annoyance of Tommy Duckworth (Chris Fountain), who becomes jealous of him.

Matt later discusses Paul Kershaw's (Tony Hirst) state of mind with Eileen when he goes to book a taxi at Street Cars.

Terry then tells Tommy (Chris Fountain) Tina was attacked by loan sharks and he must help him get money to keep them from coming back.Matt suggests that John puts his guilt into perspective, before giving him a stronger prescription.Matt visits Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) at his home after Peter takes a fall while recovering from the injuries sustained from the events of the tram crash.He hears Natasha accuse Gail of hacking into her medical records and she admits it, insisting Nick should be told the truth, thereby breaking the rule of patient confidentiality. Whilst Matt is having a drink in The Rovers, an explosion occurs at the Joinery Bar, causing a tram to crash on to the street.Matt takes charge of the casualties and tends the wounded, treating many residents, including Sunita Alahan (Shobna Gulati).

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