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A theme of the movie relates to being paid for sex and the parallels to selling one's soul.

" /Parents need to know that this movie isn't for kids of any age.

Diplômé de Harvard, John Henry « Jack » Armstrong (Anthony Mackie) est cadre supérieur dans une entreprise de biotechnologie.

Mais lorsqu'il dénonce les malversations financières de ses patrons à la commission des opérations de bourse, il est aussitôt licencié.

A character commits suicide by jumping out of a window. A theme of the movie relates to being paid for sex and the parallels to selling one's soul.

Un salarié en biotechnologie est licencié pour avoir dénoncé son employeur.

Quand son ex-compagne, Fatima (Kerry Washington), brillante femme d'affaires devenue lesbienne, lui propose d'être le père biologique de son enfant et de celui de sa nouvelle petite amie, Alex (Dania Ramirez), contre paiement, Jack entrevoit le moyen de se faire de l'argent facile.

His credits include everything from "Million Dollar Baby" to "Notorious" (in which he played the late Tupac Shakur) to "The Hurt Locker," the Best Picture winner that put him and his co-stars in the Oscar spotlight.

Now Mackie can be seen onscreen in "Night Catches Us," a Spirit Award-nominated indie drama directed by Silver Spring native Tanya Hamilton that focuses on the rekindling of a relationship between former members of the Black Panther movement.

JC: In terms of preparing for the role, did you already know a lot about that time period? And if you're doing a play, you can't really do TV. JC: The theme song from "The Wire," on the other hand? I was like, somebody's got to get a red truck on this show.

AM: I knew a good bit about the Panther movement, but I knew a good bit about the Oakland Panther movement. I'm the most famous actor from "The Wire" who has never been on "The Wire." So I gave up. JC: I want to ask you something else about Kerry Washington before we start talking about Wendell Pierce. JC: She said that doing the love scene with you in this movie was even more awkward than what you did in "She Hate Me." JC: What did she mean by that? But from the instant we met, we became really good friends. And that kind of killed the whole idea of us being romantically involved.

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