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I didn’t expect to quit the You Tube vlogging and slow down on my blogging in recent years, but I feel more satisfied being able to experience various things without the need to constantly document it.Some people are great at doing that, but not me, unfortunately.So, I’m stuck and thinking about what to do/not do next. Re: Mc Sweeney’s, I would love to post all of the hilarious stuff I’m submitting to them, but I should wait until it ever/never gets published.Oh well, if something gets rejected, I’ll post it here, promise.

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I think I’m ready to continue on with the ambitions of my youth.

If your lady friend suggests seeing it, you should politely suggest a more upbeat alternative.

Perhaps a holiday movie with one of those young people everyone is always talking about or some cute li’l animals?

The good news is that I had a wonderful time and the Moscow Mule (with fresh ginger, cucumber, and lime) is my new favorite drink.

The bad news is that Cormac Mc Carthy’s a good date movie and it haunted John all the way home.

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