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Each patient will have a different gene composition, and will respond to treatment in different ways.

This is where applying biomarkers to the trial planning process becomes important.

I’d say an interesting use case is with planning clinical trials.

A lot of times, pharmaceutical companies will develop a novel compound they want to take to market.

I thought I'd never find anything to replace my Transkriber tool for learning solos.

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Plus, trying to interrogate public sources of information to gain insights always left something missing.

John first teamed up with scientist and biochemistry Ph D, Adam Carroll, who is our other co-founder.

Their goal was to provide a comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date source of biomarker information.

Taking a precision medicine approach allows companies to assess both trial candidates upfront to determine their compatibility and likelihood of responding to the treatment in the same way.

The other use case we see frequently is with diagnostic companies.

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