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A full-fledged producer since 1985, the Obst name anchors such films as Heartbreak Hotel (whose location shooting first introduced her to Central Texas); The Fisher King; Nora Ephron's first film, This Is My Life; Ephron's second, Sleepless in Seattle; Bad Girls; One Fine Day; this summer's Contact; and the recently wrapped Hope Floats, which stars Sandra Bullock and Harry Connick, Jr.

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Or whether it's Ted Turner competing with Rupert Murdoch. We're not keeping apace culturally with what the breakthroughs going on in science are. And I've been around long enough to know that the only real form of fascism exists on movie sets. So I've very naturally and organically turned into a waitress.I've been told it's been given out in law firms, which makes me incredibly happy.But I think that as different as one business may be from another we're still, in general, in mixed genders in the trenches together for the first time in all these businesses.Because for women to have all the cookies in the cookie jar means that someone's starving. The event is co-sponsored by the Austin Film Society and The Austin Chronicle.Admission is free and if you bring a copy of the event ad in this issue of the Chronicle, 10% of your book purchases that day will directly benefit the Film Society.

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