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“No one is as passionate about the work we’re doing as Nellie,” she says.

“You haven’t lived until you’ve tried my mother’s pastries.”Upon sitting down to speak with her in her well-appointed New York home, it becomes quickly apparent that there are two Samantha Parkingtons: The public one, and the private one.

Although the Larson family has stayed in Minnesota, rather than venturing out to other areas of the country, they still hang on to their pioneering spirit; each time Kirsten brainstorms an idea for her business or an innovative way to keep her household running smoothly, she thanks her parents for setting her on a path that would keep her trying new things — even if those things might be frightening at first.

“Nothing is more important than the spirit of pioneering,” she says.

We chat over cups of chocolate — still a favorite treat of hers — watching her horses stampede their way around their paddock.

Her beloved Penny, alas, departed many years ago; Patriot, however, remains (even if he is getting up there in years — “We are none of us getting younger,” Lissie remarks), as do the results of a few successful breeding attempts with one of Felicity’s neighbor’s beasts: A pair of siblings she named Stars and Stripes. Felicity, much to her mother’s chagrin, ended up taking over her father’s store.

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