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They may offer insemination services (these services are legal in some states for couples with one HIV-positive partner, but not in all states).

Approaches that involve unprotected sex between the partners can be safe as far as HIV transmission is concerned.

‘I won’t lie, I often wondered whether I would ever find true love.

Dating after a break-up is difficult enough – now add being HIV-positive to that! It creates the right expectations and prevents you from getting hurt before you’ve really invested in someone.

I love that she told me our bond would never change, and that my family would always have my back. I felt I could tackle any challenge ahead because of the acceptance, love and support I desperately needed from my family.

‘I got none of that compassion from my then-boyfriend, a man I was so madly in love with.

I didn’t have any of those symptoms when I made a quick stop at a local clinic before heading to work. ‘I honestly thought I was going to die, or that I wouldn’t live to see past that week, that month or that year. After a year of our “commitment” I made a decision to move to his town so I could be closer to him. I knew everything there was to know about HIV, so why hadn’t I taken all the precautionary measures?

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Dating is hard for anyone, but dating with HIV can seem like attempting advanced mathematics with just a foggy understanding of arithmetic.

Q: Can a couple in which one person is HIV positive conceive a baby without the uninfected partner becoming infected?

Many couples in which one person is HIV positive and the other person isn't want to have children.

With careful planning, it is possible to have a safe and successful pregnancy while preventing HIV from passing to the HIV-negative partner (or to the baby).

It is very important to discuss your desires and intentions for childbearing with your health care provider before the woman decides to become pregnant.

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