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Identifying with brands you like This is what I would most easily characterise as the ‘brands for people like me’ phenomenon.

Having worked on various different products and brands throughout my career it has frequently been the centre of heated debates across creative and brand teams. It is an equal balance of really understanding your audience and learning how to communicate with them best.

Natural Language Programming It’s hard to say if brands were central to the idea of creating a more natural conversation with AI.

The concept has certainly been popular in media and movies since time immemorial with some of the more notable robot personalities of Hal 9000, 2001 Space Odessy, R2D2 in Star Wars and more recently Dolores Abernathy in the remake of West World (if you haven’t seen the first season yet, you need to).

Sentiment Analysis and Machine Learning Another use case for NLP is sentiment analysis utilised mostly for interpreting user commentary on social media to assess a brand’s performance and user affinity.

You may have also come across the term or concept of deep learning, this is simply a way to automate predictive analysis.

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Sure, there is also the aspiration angle that a number of brands tend to leverage in their advertising but the truth is most people are looking for a brand that is created specifically for them.Meet Elio and Olivia At We Are Brain we recently worked on two chatbots, both having completely different purposes, which meant how we created the conversation required two different approaches.Elio is a Dev Ops workbot which is able to perform a number of tasks your Dev Ops guy or gal might do in the process of development, these include the setup of a Jenkins environment and the creation of a wordpress site to name a few of his operational abilities.Conversational user interface There are two specific versions of conversational user interfaces, the first are what have become commonly known as voice assistants.You’ll know them better by their first names, Siri, Alexa, Cortana and Ok Google and these are systems you talk to. As Pavel mentioned it seems that many of the popular social networking and messaging services have had a headstart in the game with Facebook having M and Slack has Slackbot for example.

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